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I am NOT a WOMAN, I am NOT an IMMIGRANT, I am NOT an AMERICAN, I am NOT WHITE - I am a just ANOTHER HUMAN with NO COUNTRY, NO FLAG, NO RELIGION, and NO PROBLEMS telling STORIES that help dissolve boundaries and the illusion of separation between people due to race, gender or class to help craft a more inclusive WORLD. 

And I am your HUMAN if you are looking for someone to create or consult on engaging, moving, sometimes laugh-out-loud, and technically challenging stories in both traditional and new media. I am the new breed of transmedia storytelling talent envisioning and realizing the future of media.

I am based out of New York, but my work has taken me to the far reaches of this planet and am an expert in producing international production.

I am the Chief Creative Officer of little GIANT Wolf, a value-driven trans-cultural transmedia story studio focused on multi-platform serialized projects that help make global issues personal and offers tools to people around the world to tell their own stories. We apply the same approach for brands, agencies, publications, and non-profits to engage with their audiences and consumers more meaningfully. 

Transmedia =  a grand polymyth™ told across multiple platforms and formats; both old and new; together with the audience.

Polymyth™ = cyclical journeys or quests undertaken by multiple mythical heroes with unpredictable natures and uncertain fates within one storyworld.

As a thought leader in Transmedia Storytelling and New Media with a focus in Social Impact and User Experience, I am regularly invite to give talks and speak on panels in-house or at conferences and film festivals world-wide. Please see the SPEAKING section for full list of my past speaking engagements and for more information if you would like to invite me to be part of yours. You can reach out to me at

I also contributes to such publications as UploadVR on Transmedia Storytelling and New Media. Please see the WRITING section for articles and other writing.

I teach traditional and VR filmmaking part-time at the New York Film Academy where I helped craft the VR curriculum and faculty.

SOME OF MY CLIENTS, who think I'm quite swell, include:




1) I shared a Jeep from Timbuktu to the Sahara with Henry Rollins.
2) I love Marmite.
3) My great x10 uncle was Rubens.
4) I spent 10 days in the jungle with the FARC.
5) My first car was a 1978 Citroen 2CV.
6) If I had a pet it would be a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.
7) I'm a true European mutt.
8) I jump out of planes whenever I get a chance to.
9) I have spent a night on The Beach.
10) Richard Parker watches over my living room.