NO APOLOGIES - An interactive 360-documentary - will premiere at the inaugural Jump Into VR Fest September 15-16-17 2017 and you can also catch it at Filmchella in Joshua Tree Sep 29 - Oct 1 2017.

Since President Trump is unwilling to apologize for anything, we wanted to know from the attendees of the Inauguration 2017 and The Women's March in D.C. what it is they will not apologize for. Created by Skye Von and produced by Stina Hamlin for little GIANT Wolf & STATE Media

9 WAYS TO FIND JOY IN NEWFOUNDLAND & SHANGHAI - Visit Shanghai, fly over Newfoundland and explore the happiest places on earth in this interactive guide. Created by Koncept VR and produced by Skye Von for Condé Nast Traveler “The Joy Index". Full experience here:

The full documentary is coming soon to Headset near you!


When a 50-year War Ends - A 360-journey into the jungle of Colombia that documents the end of the guerrilla group FARC and their hopes for the future. Directed & produced by Skye Von with Total Cinema 360 for The Wall Street Journal & Google Daydream

Only available on the WSJ VR app on Google Daydream compatible phones:


The Wicked Kind - A 360 VR Music Experience created for the band Aloud. Official Selection Kaleidoscope VR 2016:


Paper Doll Origami - A 2-user 2-room Interactive Mix-Media Experience is currently in development in partnership with State Media. Official selection VR Pitchfest #2 and made it to the 2nd Round in the Sundance New Frontier Story Lab:

For more information:


A short PreVisualization video created for Falling Out of Love with the help of New York Institute of Technology. The full VR experiences is in current production. Winner of 2016 Indiegogo Fellowship with IFP: